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Founded in 2005 by former National Park Service Historian Andrew Julow, the ejunto project is dedicated to providing free quality audio books to the general public. The project is based on the island of North Hero in Lake Champlain, Vermont.

The inspiration and namesake for the project comes from the Junto society founded by a young Benjamin Franklin in 1727. The Junto was free, educational, and devoted to the spread of knowledge. To broaden their horizons members pooled their books together and loaned freely to others. Franklin later expanded on this model to create the first lending library in America.

The mission of the ejunto project is to bring the spirit of the Junto into the digital age. By bringing together sponsers, recording artists, and listeners, the ejunto project seeks to open the doors of knowledge to every corner of the globe.

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ejunto is a non-profit organization dedicated to offering free audiobooks to the public

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